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Film programmes

Genders and sextualities: Fluidity and resilence
This Woman (Alan Zhang, 90 min, 2023) OPENING FILM

Diving deep into women’s psyche on how they negotiate with gendered limitations and sextual desires, films in this session do not shy away from presenting women’s fear and vulnerabilities, and their quiet resistance to societal and patriarchal expectations.

The crucial stage of gaining gendered consciousness and self-discovery through maternal ties has stimulated the proliferation of recently women’s cinema that is also often through directors’ self performance.

The massive reservoir of familial memories and the country’s past continues to shape women’s imagination of and desire for a more generous future. Their determination of waving pasts and futures together also bring them courage to break boundaries of fiction and nonfiction.

The inner worlds of women are like a maze. They are formless just like water, but they can unite together to form an unimaginable power that can break through unbearable restraints.

The diaspora, being an integral part of an indelible experience, profoundly influences individuals' memory. Women's cinema adeptly captures these nuanced intricacies through a diverse range of observations.